About Me

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My name is Deva, which rhymes with quaver. A keen baker since my teenage years, this blog started life as a collection of cake and pastry recipes, resulting in part from my attempts to learn about French pâtisserie. I began to write about my own life and my experiences of growing up in a rather unusual religious community, where food played a very important part in every day life. The blog started to turn into an exploration of topics around food, culture and religion. It also became a project in learning to make many of the dishes I ate with enthusiasm at festivals and celebrations growing up, which has resulted in a borderline obsession with Indian food.
By day I work for a large university, having previously spent a brief period of time pretending to be a Modern Languages teacher. I live in London with my husband, who has accompanied me on this meandering and eclectic culinary journey, from chana bhatura to idli sambar, via cinnamon buns, tarte au citron and foccacia.