Cracked Cakes

There are a few preventative measures you can take to avoid your cake cracking. Greasing the base and sides and lining the base with baking paper makes it much easier to remove from the tin.

Let the cake cool completely before getting it out of the tin. You can also put a knife in hot water, dry it and very gently run it around the edges of the tin to make sure the cake wont stick to the sides.

I usually use a springform tin. Once I’ve removed the ring, I turn the cake over onto a plate and carefully remove the base and baking paper underneath. (This gives you a tidy flat base to decorate).

I also generally avoid slicing cakes in two to give two layers as its a bit risky. Its safer to make two separate sponges. I decorate it on the plate I’ll serve it off to avoid moving it and mop up any stray crumbs or icing on the sides of the plate.