Making A Gluten Free Cake

All of the cakes here can be made gluten free. You can substitute the flour using ground almonds, chickpea flour and gluten free flour. I generally use 50% ground almonds, 25% chickpea flour and 25% Dove’s Farm gluten-free flour.

I’ve found gluten free cakes rise really well with egg replacer. I use six ‘eggs’ worth in a cake. Follow the instructions on the packet of egg replacer, using some of the water from the given quantity in the cake recipe to whisk up the mixture.

Polenta cake lends itself very well to being gluten free. You can replace the self-raising flour with the blend of flours suggested above and add to the cake along with the ground polenta.

I have tried making gluten free cakes with xantham gum but it didn’t seem to do much so I haven’t bothered recommending it here.